‘I once bought the wrong garage door opener after having followed the advice of one company and then when I told them about the problem they refused to help me! I then approached Bonney Lake Garage Door Repair and they helped me out. Thank you so much!’ – Rashid Gupta

‘Many thanks go to Bonney Lake Garage Door Repair for the hard work and effort they put into fixing my garage door.’ – J Jonson

‘Late last week I had an unfortunate incident happen at home. Someone tampered with the keypad of my garage door and the door wouldn’t open anymore. I was stuck and couldn’t get the door fixed. Fortunately I didn’t have to buy a new garage door; the technicians at Bonney Lake Garage Door helped me replace the keypad.’ – Mitchell Pitman

‘Do you know how frustrating it is when you have to go somewhere and then realize you can’t get the garage door to open? That was my situation two days ago. I didn’t know what was wrong with the door. It just refused to open. A few hours later, I called Bonney Lake Garage Door Repair and they came over and told me I had to replace my strings. Fortunately they always travel with spares in their cars and so I was able to get my door fixed that same day.’ – Patrick Finley

‘If you want to see a company that knows how to treat people and do a good job then look for Bonney Lake Garage Door Repair I recommend them without a shadow of doubt.’ – Mark Henderson

‘Good does not begin to describe the work that Bonney Lake Garage Door Repair servicemen did for me. Perhaps excellent sums it up, but even that seems a far cry of the great work they did. I wish I could share before and after pictures of my garage door. Perhaps then you would be able to see the miracle these guys performed on that old door.’ – Fiona Dudley

‘When my children came over to visit, they couldn’t believe how great the house looked. I had repainted the exterior and had changed the garage door. The garage door attracted many oohhs and ahhhs. Thank you Bonney Lake Garage Door Repair.’ – Ray Marble

‘Brilliant and magnificent, the door just brings and breathes a new sense of life to the house. We love it!’ – Vivian and Ian Gosling

‘Once again Bonney Lake Garage Door Repair came to the rescue when the old garage door opener broke. I don’t know what we would do without them.’ – Sally and John Lamb

‘It’s been too long since we last had a garage door maintenance check, so we called in Bonney Lake Garage Door Repair; they did a thorough job even cleaning up after they were done with all the tinkering and adjusting of springs and everything else.’ – Zack J

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